Month: April 2020

Healing blog

How do you wish to heal?

Hey, Loves! I have a question for you. In what areas of your life do you currently desire healing? How can Iridescent Soul Center hold space for you while helping you navigate this area of life? Seriously, I want to know. That’s the heartbeat of this center. Talk to me. If you’d rather keep it…
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Pink Full Moon

Pink Full Moon Blessings

Blessings Abound! Happy Tuesday and happy Full Moon! Tonight is the Pink Full Moon, also the Libra Full Moon. That’s the extent of my astrology knowledge – for now – so I’ll leave it at that. I’ve decided to do a few rituals with tonight’s moon energy for several reasons. One, I always do a…
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Spring Blog

Happy April!

Blessings Abound! This month, the overall focus of Iridescent Soul Center is to begin itemizing exactly what would best serve the Highest Good of our clients and our center upon our first pre-Grand Opening. Pre-Grand…what?! Let me explain! (I say this a lot…maybe to a fault!) The ultimate Grand Opening goal is to have our…
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