Announcements and such!

Announcements and such!

Welcoming blog

Hey, Loves!

I’m here to give you all a few quick – albeit bittersweet – announcements. I’ve been receiving messages almost daily regarding the development and direction of Iridescent Soul Center. As my Ancestors and Guides continue to help me mold and shape this community, certain aspects will need to be replaced, revamped, or removed altogether. That’s what this blog is about. Here’s where we currently stand:


Jars! Magickal beings like myself love jars! While I initially desired for our bath salts to be housed in 8 ounce lock lid jars, they are proving to be quite difficult to find in bulk quantities. While this may not be an issue in the beginning, I don’t want to run into the problem of finding these jars down the line. But no worries, I’ve found an excellent replacement. In addition to the new glass jars I will be using, our bath salts will also have a barrier seal to keep the products safe, fresh, and in tact during transport.


Our intention kits have already undergone a makeover of sorts. Well, we’re at it again! A new item will be added to our intention kits: INCENSE!!! I’m excited to add another valuable product that will assist in elevating your self love practices. Also, the bath salts will be in a 4 ounce jar. Each kit will also come with a surprise, but it’s a wild card pick so in order to find out what it is you’ll just have to place an order! *wink wink*


Speaking of our intention kits, I’m disheartened to say that the Healing, Love, and Intuition kits are discontinued effective immediately. I’ve gone back and forth about this decision, and given the direction that’s been laid out before me it is best to only provide products that are in total alignment with our mission, vision, and purpose.


SURPRISE!!! I will be revealing TWO NEW PRODUCTS in Summer 2021! One will be a permanent addition, while the other, well…you’ll see! Keep your eyes peeled for the details.

That is all I have for you, loves. My only other announcement is that I plan on starting a self love quarterly newsletter soon. If you are interested in receiving tips, deals, and recommendations for your self love journey stay tuned. I’m in the process of setting up the details now (more like my Guides are…they just hit me with this as I was typing. Now y’all see what I go through!), and will be sure to keep you all in the loop.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support as Iridescent Soul Center comes into her own being. I love and appreciate you all. Take care, loves!