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Happy August!

Hey, Loves! We have stumbled upon another month. No…really! Stumbling is the best word to describe what’s been happening! However, even with stumbling comes growth. It’s not always smooth sailing as I have come to find out. I’m okay with that and know that with stumbling (blocks) comes success. Let’s get right into the purpose…
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Welcoming blog

Announcements and such!

Hey, Loves! I’m here to give you all a few quick – albeit bittersweet – announcements. I’ve been receiving messages almost daily regarding the development and direction of Iridescent Soul Center. As my Ancestors and Guides continue to help me mold and shape this community, certain aspects will need to be replaced, revamped, or removed…
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two woman in black sits on chair near table

March Magick

Keep an eye on this space – and this page – over the next few weeks. The site may change. The location may change. The format may change. The service, the skills, and the sincere desire to help Black women and Women of Color heal will always remain the same.

January 11 New Moon Portal

Happy 1/11!

At any point, at any time, you can decide to put a HARD STOP to what’s going on in your life and course correct.

Happy New Year blog

Happy 2021!!!

The year that never was showed us things about ourselves we might have never found if we weren’t faced with such adversity day in and day out. It was brutal. It was harsh. It was…necessary.

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How to support Iridescent Soul Center LLC

I want healing to be within reach for everyone! Sometimes, all it takes is one session to ease the energetic pressure and get the ball rolling.

Iridescent Soul Center magic blog

Do you believe in magick?

When it comes to magick…manifestation…actualization…or whatever “trending” word you call it, the power actually resides within you. Not some guru. Not some divination expert. Hell, not even ME! The power to get what YOU want is in YOU!

Iridescent Soul Center who are you blog

Who are you?

Have you ever sat back and attempted to figure out who you are at your core? With no social influence, no religious dogma, no outer image to measure up to – who do you think you are? I ask because it seems to me that 2020 has been all about putting us to the test.…
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Celebrate Iridescent Soul Center growth

Company Updates & Such

Hey, my Loves! I know it’s been a while and things have been quiet here on the blog front, but I wanted to take a few moments to let you know what’s been going on around these parts. First thing to mention, the podcast is doing well. This month, I will discuss ways to enhance…
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Mental and emotional healing blog

Mental & Emotional Check-In

Hey, Loves! How are you doing? No, seriously…how are you doing? So much is going on in the atmosphere. We’re all being pushed, prodded, or challenged in one way or another. What are you doing to protect yourself? How are you managing your mental state? Your emotions? Your energy? I ask these questions because I…
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