Company Updates & Such

Company Updates & Such

Celebrate Iridescent Soul Center growth

Hey, my Loves!

I know it’s been a while and things have been quiet here on the blog front, but I wanted to take a few moments to let you know what’s been going on around these parts.

First thing to mention, the podcast is doing well. This month, I will discuss ways to enhance and improve your manifestation skills. Exciting stuff, right?! In the age of Miss Rona, everyone is seeking more metaphysical ways to support their lives. Manifestation has been at the forefront of the Spiritual community for years. Now more than ever, others who used to goff at manifestation are trying their hand to see if it truly works.

Plot twist: IT DOES!

There are ways to get it to work better, faster, and more in tune with your desires though. I cover that and so much more this month. At the end of August, I’ll do a final wrap up of manifestation as well as season 2 of the podcast. I will use September to plan for upcoming episodes.

Let’s talk services! As of September 1st, I will be officially opening my schedule to accept Reiki clients (pandemic pending)! I’m excited to finally be able to offer hands on and distant reiki services. If the clinics are still closed and social distancing is still the norm, I will be open for distant healing services. There will be a promo code for the official opening of Iridescent Soul Center LLC (even if it’s distant!) so be sure to stay connected with me via the blog, Twitter (@iridescentsc) or IG (@iridescentsc). Prizes and surprises are the order so let’s see what God Source will allow me to deliver.

I have also opened my schedule for more client readings and coaching sessions. Prices have been adjusted to ease any financial burdens if that is a concern. If you are seeking guidance in any area of your life, or would like a more spiritual take on things, be sure to book your session.

That’s all I have for you for now. What about you? How have you been feelings? Is there anything you need/want/desire to get off your chest? Want to leave an encouraging word? Let a comment below. You never know who you’ll inspire!

Blessings abound!

Barbara :o)