Do you believe in magick?

Do you believe in magick?

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No…I’m not talking about the song! (I honestly don’t really know that song outside of that line.)

I’m talking about your own power. Do you believe you can literally create anything – ANYTHING – you want in your life? Do you think it comes easy? Do you think it requires a sacrifice? Do you think it requires an intercessor in order for your prayers/wishes/cries/pleas/petitions to be heard?

Here’s why I propose this question.

When it comes to magick…manifestation…actualization…or whatever “trending” word you call it, the power actually resides within you. Not some guru. Not some divination expert. Hell, not even ME! The power to get what YOU want is in YOU!

I put emphasis on YOU because that’s where it begins and ends. Now here’s the caveat: If you give this power away to anyone or anything outside of you then you are also giving this person/place/thing the power to grant or DENY you what it is you want.

Yes! You read that right. You may want to read it again.

Anytime you have more belief in someone else’s power over your own you are doing three things:

  1. You are telling yourself that you are not powerful nor strong enough to manifest anything.
  2. You are s**tting on your ancestors and Spirit Team – not to mention your Higher Power.
  3. You are putting your fate in the hands of someone that may not have your best interest at heart…if they have any interest in you at all.

I’m a big proponent of only focusing on what you want. However, in this case I got to say it:


Never sell yourself that short! There is nothing anyone outside of you can do that – with the right knowledge, focus, and intention – you can’t do yourself. No candle, no potion, no spellwork, no rootwork, no prayer, no conjure…NOTHING OUTBEATS YOUR POWER!!! You have the same access to these Spiritual powers they do. Just because they can bring it forth easier doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. Yes, you’ll have to study. Yes, you’ll have to practice. Yes, you’ll have to work those magickal muscles. So did they. The only difference between your power and theirs is they’ve worked at it longer. In the same breath, the only difference between their power and yours is that your own power works with you best.

I said all of that to make this point: If you don’t believe in magick – that is, your own magick – maybe it’s time you start. After all, what’s the BEST thing that can come from it?