Happy 2021!!!

Happy 2021!!!

Happy New Year blog

Hey, Loves!

We made it! We survived the hardest year of our lifetime…at least that’s what it felt like to me. The year that never was (in my head) was filled with growth, lessons, trials, happy times, sad times…but more importantly it brought about a new purpose, a new era, a new focus in my life. In many people’s lives. The year that never was showed us things about ourselves we might have never found if we weren’t faced with such adversity day in and day out. It was brutal. It was harsh. It was…necessary.

Now that it’s OVER…let’s take a bit to catch our breath. Some say you should jump right in by focusing on new goals, new ambitions, new (insert whatever the soon-to-be buzzword is here). I disagree. Now is a good time to sit. To be still. To reflect on what you’ve gained and what you’ve loss. What you learned and what you unlearned (yes, unlearning is just as important). Take a day or three and really immerse yourself in this new energy. Give thanks and show gratitude for making it this far. If you know anyone who didn’t make it into 2021, have a few moments of silence in their memory. Just because they didn’t physically make it doesn’t mean they’re not still here Spiritually. They deserve to be honored and revered. Regardless of why they didn’t make it, be sure to acknowledge that they at least made it to the other side.

When you’ve had your moment to get your bearings, then you can begin to focus on what you want 2021 to look like for you? Will it be more fitness goals? Perhaps a bigger bank account? Are you interested in stepping your toe into investing? What about learning a new language? Whatever your goals are, write them down. Create a vision board. Have an album in your phone with screenshots that represent your new desires. Nothing is too big nor too small to accomplish (says my various screenshots of Bernese puppies and cupcakes with sprinkles)!

Ahhh…you thought this would be the part where I’d tell you just how to accomplish that, am I right? Nope, that’s not applicable here. Why? Because that’s not my lane. I’m not here to motivate you to do x, y, nor z. I’m here to support your healing. I’m hear to support your journey. If need be, I’m here to support your transition to the other side. Okay, that last part was a bit morbid, but we’ll discuss that in an upcoming blog. Bottom line. I’m not a motivational guru. I’m not a feel good cheerleader (although my friends would beg to differ). I’m here to assure you that no matter what’s thrown your way, you can learn from it, you can heal from it, and you can grow from it…including the year that never was.

That’s all I have for the moment. In the next few days, I’ll return with some highlights and outlines of where Iridescent Soul Center is going. This year will be groundbreaking! It was always destined to be a big year, but first I had to adjust some sails and discard some ships. Focus and intention. Specificity and direction. Knowing where we’re not going is just as important when planning where we are going. It will all be revealed soon.

But first…let’s take an additional moment to:

  • Thank our Benevolent Ancestors for their unending love, guidance, support and protection.
  • Thank our Spirit Counsel for always being there for us.
  • Thank God Source for…well…EVERYTHING!
  • Honor those who have passed on.
  • Release what no longer serves our Highest and Greatest good.
  • Breathe.
  • Just be.

You did it, Loves! Pat yourself on the back. Acknowledge yourself for the God/dess you are. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and great ready to create more magickal greatness in 2021! If you need support, I got you! Click here!