Happy April!

Happy April!

Spring Blog

Blessings Abound!

This month, the overall focus of Iridescent Soul Center is to begin itemizing exactly what would best serve the Highest Good of our clients and our center upon our first pre-Grand Opening.


Let me explain! (I say this a lot…maybe to a fault!)

The ultimate Grand Opening goal is to have our own independent healing center located in Columbus, Ohio. However, the vision for the center’s opening is in 2025. Being the healer that I am, I’m not waiting five years before I can make an impact on people’s lives! What I will be doing leading up to the Grand Opening is securing a space (or spaces) where I can still provide hands on Traditional Usui Reiki healing treatments along with other services that I offer.

In order to secure the funding to build or purchase our intended property, the footwork will start now. I’m building this center off the guidance of my business coach and mentor. One of her KEY pieces of advise is to maintain low overhead cost. That’s the plan for the center. Now that I have my steps in order, it’s time to put cost to the context of things.

This is where the products, services, and upcoming opportunities come in. Iridescent Soul Center is designed to be a space FOR the community, BY the community, with the heart and soul of the community’s best interest in mind. Therefore, this is not just about ME…it’s about WE and how we’ll come together to bring about healing for ourselves and our neighbors, family, and friends as a whole.

Now, while I’d love for you all to jump on board and give your unending support, I realize that’s not always the case. Nor do I want it to be, honestly. I’ve already asked my Spirit Squad to align me with the right people, resources, and energies to bring Iridescent Soul Center to life. That’s what will happen and I’m already forever grateful and appreciative of you all!

I will continue to update this blog with updates, goal settings, contests, giveaways, and more. You can also connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon. Of course, messages of love, support, and encouragement are always welcome below in the comments, online on social media, or via email at Thank you for your support in the growth of Iridescent Soul Center!

Talk soon!