Healing the Front Lines from the Back End

Healing the Front Lines from the Back End

Protection Prayer

I know what’s going on in amerikkka.

You know what’s going on in amerikkka.

We ALL know what’s going on in amerikkka.

No matter how hard some people try and be “optimistic” or “detached” or “separated”, they HAVE to acknowledge the energy on this planet is no loner sustainable for hate, greed, racism, nor patriarchy. Mother Earth just can’t take it anymore. She’s had enough and is resetting the foundation whether we like it or not.

The ones who like it are the ones who’ve been oppressed by it for CENTURIES!

The ones who don’t are the ones causing the oppression, avoiding the problem, or being silent about it.

I saw a comment on IG sometime last week that stated the following (extremely paraphrasing here!):

You don’t have to believe in Astrology to be affected by it. Even if you don’t believe in it, it believes in you and you will feel it whether you like it or not!

The sentiment of that statement is so true! These not-so-underlying issues such as rascism, police brutality, patriarchal control, etc. are nothing new. At least not to the marginalized. However, the shake up is happening because our vortex can no longer tolerate such low vibration, negativity, and hate toward each other. That’s what the legion does. It’s not of Highest Light. It’s not high vibrational. It’s not what I call, “Optimism or better” on the emotional scale.

It’s pure, unadulterated hate and fuckery and it must END!

So what does that have to do with me and the Iridescent Soul Center? Simple: there are many ways to heal the brokenness of this country – hell, this world! Some are on the front lines going head to head with it. Some are in the courtrooms defending those on the front lines. Some are in creative mode and using their form of art or medium to shine a light on the issue and to bring about change. Some are providing humor. Some are providing respite. And some – like me – are providing emotional and Spiritual healing. Be it through meditation, Reiki healing, divination, spellwork (yes, I do spellwork), or other forms of healing that call in our Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Archangels, Angels, and Beings beyond this plant and this realm.

This blog entry is two-fold: one, I had to express my disgust with this country. This is supposed to be America! Not amerikka! Two, I’m offering my healing to those who are on the front lines fighting for justice, equality, and basic human rights and decency!

If you’d like to meditate, I got you!

If you’s like to get a reading to see where this is going, I got you!

If you’d like to request a protection spell, I got you!

No, my offer isn’t written in “professional lingo.” It’s SINCERITY! There’s a difference, and in times like these sincerity is what mainly counts.

I’m here to help.