Introducing the Iridescent Soul Podcast!

Introducing the Iridescent Soul Podcast!

Iridescent Soul Podcast

Hey, Loves!

For those who have been following me for a while, you know I started a podcast in December 2019. The initial purpose of the podcast was to document my journey into spiritual ascension so to speak. Well, that’s what I thought it would be about. Little did I know, it was actually just a test run.

I ended the first season in March and took April off to reset and adjust to the new world climate. During this podcast sabbatical, I was guided to shift everything I started with the podcast: the name, the message, the artwork – everything! After working out the kinks and bugs, I believe it’s as ready as it’s going to be.

Starting this Tuesday – May 5th – what was formerly known as Pressure Makes Diamonds Podcast will return as Iridescent Soul Podcast. This season will run through August 25th and will include topics such as:

What it’s like to be an empath.

How to tell if you’re Spiritually gifted.

Monthly tarot readings.

How to strengthen your manifestation skills.

You will also get consistent updated on the growth and development of Iridescent Soul Center. I’m excited for this new format and look forward to your thoughts. Be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast listening platform. You can find direct links to the show below.


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