March Magick

March Magick

two woman in black sits on chair near table

Hey, Loves!

Happy March!

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve spoken. How have you all been? Is everything going well? Are you drinking your water and minding (as in tending to) your business? I hope so; that’s where the growth is at!

So…what’s been happening with Iridescent Soul Center? Let’s talk about it.

Three words that can best describe what we’ve been experiencing these past few weeks are: clarity, confirmation, and solidification. It’s been a wonky ride, but the rollercoaster of options is coming to a stop. Some “cars” will be removed while others will be added. A new design that’s more functional and financially acceptable will be adopted.

Basically, we’re getting a makeover, baby!

The heart of ISC is and will always remain the same. The vision, mission, and purpose hasn’t changed one bit. The vehicle, on the other hand, is getting revamped.

Think Pimp My Ride – Business Edition! (If that was still a show!)

I’m bringing this to your attention to make you aware of these upcoming changes. That’s what this blog space is for – to keep our supporters and followers informed on what’s happening behind the scenes. I told you all at the beginning of this journey I would bring you along and I’m keeping my word. It’s my goal that these changes will enable the center to open up before Summer 2022 (‘Rona pending). I’ve given enough attention to unnecessary distractions. It’s time to laser focus on what really matters.

Keep an eye on this space – and this page – over the next few weeks. The site may change. The location may change. The format may change. The service, the skills, and the sincere desire to help Black women and Women of Color heal will always remain the same.

I’m going back into the lab now. I have more planning and preparation to do. Take care, loves! I’ll be in touch soon!

Make March Magickal!!!