More updates, growth, and direction!

More updates, growth, and direction!

Hey, Loves!

It’s been a minute since my last update (or has it?!), so I thought I’d swing by and give you all a taste of what’s happening with Iridescent Soul Center. There have been some changes made that will help us narrow our focus and direction. This allows us to reach the RIGHT people, the RIGHT way, in the RIGHT manner. So…let’s get into it! (Is that phrase still a thing?)

Let’s start off with the physical location. I still have yet to secure a spot for the center. Reason being? I have decided to let the current state of things calm down, resettle, and organize itself. I want the experience for our clients and customers to be as open and comfortable as possible. I have a difficult time believing that can be achieved wearing a mask. No, I’m not saying they’re not helpful. I’m saying they’re not part of my vision. Therefore, until the mask mandate is eliminated and my intended market feels free to engage and embrace others without catching cooties, the physical opening will be on pause. It’s still coming though – my goal is by Summer 2022. Let’s all send good vibes to secure this time frame.

Next, let’s talk products. I have been back and forth with the type of products I want to offer, their intention, and – gasp – the price range. When I initially started Iridescent Soul Center a little over a year ago I knew I wanted to provide products to support the services I offer. I just didn’t fully know what those products would be. I had – and still have – no desire to become a spiritual botanica. I do desire to provide quality, top tier products for my clients and customers.

I have made some adjustments to the current product line. First, our Healing Kits are now being called Intention Kits. The reason for this name change is because I didn’t want to mislead anyone into thinking these kits are designed to “bring” you anything. They’re designed to help you “focus” your intention in a way that allows you to fully feel it so you can fully heal it. That’s what they’ve always been designed to do. I’m making that more clear in the description of the kits. I have also decided to eliminate the Money Kit for the very same reason. It was never meant to draw money to you. It was meant to help you uncover your hidden money beliefs that hold you back. While I could also just clarify this in the description, there is a “money hungry” energy in the atmosphere that I don’t even want to get caught up in by proxy. Therefore, I’m taking it off as an option completely. It will be replaced with our “Purification Kit.” I’m also eliminating the custom option as it doesn’t seem to be drawing much interest at this time.


Let’s talk new products! I have curated three new bath salts that will soon be for sale. These bath salts are provided in an 8 oz. clasp jar, come with 8 empty, biodegradable tea bags and a small spoon (in case you don’t want to deal with the herbal post-spiritual-bath clean up), and come in three varieties: Self Love, Aura Cleanse, and Cord Cutting and Release.

  • Self Love: This bath is a blend of salts, flowers, and oils intentionally selected to aide in the healing and improvement of self love, self esteem, self confidence, and self worth. It is designed to take your “me time” to a new level. This is the only bath where I recommend sitting in it as long as you can possibly stand it, due to absorbing the loving properties of each ingredient.
  • Aura Cleanse: This bath is created to cleanse your auric and energetic field. It’s designed to purify you on a more spiritual level. The recommended time for this bath is 20 minutes; any longer and you will begin to re-absorb the very properties this bath is designed to clean out.
  • Cord Cutting & Release: This bath is not pretty! It’s not meant to be. The blend is created to purify you from any energetic cords attached to you. From ex-lovers, to toxic memories, to bad friendships – this bath is designed to soften and erode those cords until all attachments are severed and you feel completely free. It’s not a one-and-done bath; this process takes time, so I want to make that clear. The recommended time for this bath is also 20 minutes, as any longer will subject you to absorbing the very energy you’re attempting to sever.

Next are Intention Oils. I have created three intention oils that you can use in a multitude of ways to help you focus your intentions. The current available oils are: Self Love, Meditation, and Protection.

  • Self Love: This oil can be adorned on your person, used to dress a candle, or added to your self love bath salts. It is designed with specific oils to aide in the healing and increase of self love.
  • Meditation: This oil is also designed to be worn on your person, dress a candle, or even add it to your Third Eye area during meditation. You can also add this blend to a diffuser. One drop is all it takes!
  • Protection: While I don’t recommend applying this oil directly onto the skin, it can be worn on your clothes, jacket, or used to adorn any jewelry or amulet you wear.

I’ve also decided to bring back the Homemade Smudge Sticks that were offered during the holiday season. I’ve been using them for a while and they are great for clearing the energy in a room and raising the vibration. While they’re not as girthy (not like THAT!) as the standard white sage sticks that can be found online, they are just as powerful and last just as long, if not longer.

These are the products that I will offer at this time. As the company grows and suggestions start coming in, more products may be added down the line. Like I said, the goal isn’t to be a spiritual botanica, but if it turns out that way just know it was due to Divine guidance and intervention.

Now let’s talk services.

I have decided to eliminate tarot and oracle reading as an individual service. The reason for this is these services are to be used for healing and coaching clients only. I’ve been given this message before, but disregarded it. Now I’m going to listen because I know it’s what’s best for the company. Listen, I’m human! I had a moment! I love tarot and oracle cards – especially giving readings. It has a place at Iridescent Soul Center; it’s just not meant to be accessible to everyone, because I’m not meant to be accessible to everyone energetically and vise versa. I will respect that.

I will continue to offer Reiki and energy healing services. As I stated on my website, once the physical center opens there will also be practitioners that offer other types of healing services as well. That was another major lesson I learned that helped me with lasering the business and myself. I don’t have to do it all! There are so many wonderful healers right in our community. When the time is right, we will come together and create something that’s beyond what even I can imagine – and I’m a fictional writer! I imagine a lot!

All of these changes and updates have been – or will soon be – reflected on the website. I’m working diligently behind the scenes to get things together. However, please don’t let that stop you from inquiring about my services. I get things are still “under construction” but healing is still available. If you’re ready to see exactly what Iridescent Soul Center can do for you then let’s chat! Consider this your sign that it’s time to begin no matter where you are in life. There will always be something on the table. Don’t let it distract you from taking care of yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our updates. This blog has done my chatterbox heart good. :o) Take care, Loves! I’ll be in touch soon!