Pink Full Moon Blessings

Pink Full Moon Blessings

Pink Full Moon

Blessings Abound!

Happy Tuesday and happy Full Moon! Tonight is the Pink Full Moon, also the Libra Full Moon. That’s the extent of my astrology knowledge – for now – so I’ll leave it at that.

I’ve decided to do a few rituals with tonight’s moon energy for several reasons.

One, I always do a release ritual of everyone and everything that no longer serves my Highest and Greatest good. It’s pretty simple: all it requires is a pen, notebook paper, and the desire to simply let go. Now does this mean in the morning everyone and everything that I’ve released will magikally (yes, I use a “k” when I spell magik!)? No, not always. If it’s a pesky thought or way of being, then it’s likely disappeared. Usually, though, that’s not the case. When releasing with the Full Moon you’re setting the INTENTION to let things go. Behind every intention is action.

Let me say that again: Behind every INTENTION is ACTION!

Once I set the intention the next step is to do the work behind the releasing. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes, it takes a few full moons to get it all out. Either way, the process has started and I’m ready to wipe yet another slate clean.

Another reason why I decided to harness the energy of tonight’s full moon is because my Spirit Squad told me to. There are some parts of development that will soon be in play for Iridescent Soul Center. It’s important I have the right intention, focus, and energy to execute appropriately.

I also use the full moon’s energy to cleanse and charge my crystals, oils, and other handy magikal items. There’s truly a difference in the power within my crystals after a good charging from the full moon.

FUN FACT: I’ve heard that if you cut your hair during the full moon it will help it grow faster. While I haven’t tried this theory out – yet – I’d be interested to hear if you have as well as your results!

One other item I wanted to note in tonight’s blog is regarding donating to Iridescent Soul Center. Currently, there are two ways to donate. That is by purchase of blessing kits and candles on this site. Or you can visit Teespring for our clothing apparel. Both options allow us to raising money to grow and develop the Iridescent Soul Center. The images for the blessing kits and candles will be available soon. Please feel free to use the SHOP (here) or DONATE (Teespring) buttons to bypass directly to the products.

Thank you all for your love and support during the growth and development of Iridescent Soul Center. I will continue to keep you updated as new information arises.

B :o)