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Happy August!

Hey, Loves! We have stumbled upon another month. No…really! Stumbling is the best word to describe what’s been happening! However, even with stumbling comes growth. It’s not always smooth sailing as I have come to find out. I’m okay with that and know that with stumbling (blocks) comes success. Let’s get right into the purpose…
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Welcoming blog

Announcements and such!

Hey, Loves! I’m here to give you all a few quick – albeit bittersweet – announcements. I’ve been receiving messages almost daily regarding the development and direction of Iridescent Soul Center. As my Ancestors and Guides continue to help me mold and shape this community, certain aspects will need to be replaced, revamped, or removed…
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Self Love Chakra Reiki Cleanse

More updates, growth, and direction!

If you’re ready to see exactly what Iridescent Soul Center can do for you then let’s chat! Consider this your sign that it’s time to begin no matter where you are in life. There will always be something on the table. Don’t let it distract you from taking care of yourself.

two woman in black sits on chair near table

March Magick

Keep an eye on this space – and this page – over the next few weeks. The site may change. The location may change. The format may change. The service, the skills, and the sincere desire to help Black women and Women of Color heal will always remain the same.

Celebrate Iridescent Soul Center growth

Company Updates & Such

Hey, my Loves! I know it’s been a while and things have been quiet here on the blog front, but I wanted to take a few moments to let you know what’s been going on around these parts. First thing to mention, the podcast is doing well. This month, I will discuss ways to enhance…
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