Iridescent Soul Center LLC
Spiritual calm in the midst of chaos

The universal goal of Iridescent Soul Center is to provide healing to those who seek to ascend in life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

How We Heal

While the Iridescent Soul Center itself is still in the development phase, here are a few products and services currently being offered. 


While there are various methods of energy work available, my primary forms are with the use of Traditional Usui Reiki and Crystal energy healing. Currently, only hands-on energy work is available. As my training expands, so will my service availability.


We all seek guidance when life becomes challenging. Sometimes, the road ahead is just too foggy for us to predict what’s to come. With intuitive coaching, you’re given the opportunity to obtain guidance from a Higher realm to help you make sound decisions about your life.


Divination has long been a practice for guidance for thousands of years. Tarot, pendulum, runes – they all provide practical guidance for impractical situations. If you have more questions than answers this may be the service for you. Recorded divinations are available.


Are you looking to improve your self love – or intimate love? Would you like to see growth with your finances? Maybe you’re interested in strengthening your own intuition. These kits are specially designed to assist you in these areas and more. Check the shop for available kits.


Universal Healing

For years – even decades – I have known my purpose if to offer the gift of healing. From providing laughter as a child, to stories as a young adult, I always found ways to tap in to people’s souls and help them ascend from pain to pleasure. Now, it’s time to provide healing on a broader scale. 


Healing modalities to compliment your health regimen.


Release mental clutter for clarity and peace of mind.


Learning how to release emotional trauma from the past.


Connecting with Divine Intelligence for ascension.

Developmental Updates

Check back often to catch up on the latest in the growth and development of the Iridescent Soul Center. 

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Contact us

If you are interested in any of our products, services, or helping with the development of Iridescent Soul Center please contact us and we’ll be in touch soon. Thank you for your support!